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Our Services

Standard Services

Website Development

BAR-3 Enterprises offers contracts for development of websites that promote your shop on-line.

Website Hosting

Once your site is developed, you may not have a place to host it.  So, BAR-3 Enterprises provides hosting contracts.  At discounted rates, naturally.

Website Support

Contracts are available to provide updates to your website on a monthly or quarterly basis.

IT Support

Services are provided and generally pick up where the Geek Squad stops.  BAR-3 Enterprises offers data retrieval services, support for your desktop or laptop computer, configuration and support for your shop's local area network. 


Training is available to the merchants of Occoquan and usually includes a PowerPoint Presentation with handouts. Memberships

There are three types of memberships available in, the flagship website of Historic Occoquan

  • Standard membership - If you have a Town of Occoquan Business license, you are a standard member
    • Standard Membership entitles to:
      • A link on on the Street Listings Page
      • Event listings on the main page of
      • A link to your shop from the aerial view on Historic Occoquan
  • Member Participant - MPs are members who contract for additional Historic Occoquan features and link to
    • MP Membership entitles you to:
      • All the benefits of a Standard Membership
      • Graphic Links on Street Pages and on the Main Page to your website
      • RSS Promotions of your events
      • E-Mail Alias Service
        • A prestigious e-mail alias of is available upon request
        • This account can be your new email account, or used to forward to your current email address.
        • Account is valid as long as you are a member participant
      • Eligibility to become an HOA member
  • Historic Occoquan Advisor - HOAs
    • HOA membership entitles you to:
      • All the benefits of a Member Participant
      • Discounts on Services
      • Advise BAR-3 Enterprises in improvement projects for Historic Occoquan
  • For Member Participant pricing, please contact

Promotional Services

Since 2007, BAR-3 Enterprises, LLC is proud to have been and to continue to provide promotional services for all the events that happen in Historic Occoquan.  These events can consist of and are not limited to Art Shows, Craft Shows, Arts & Craft Shows; seasonal events such as Chocolate Walks or Haunt the Town; Shop Grand Openings or Going out of Business Sales; Open Houses or Anniversary Celebrations. Events in Historic Occoquan are promoted through the distribution of news and information. 

This news and information on events in Historic Occoquan are listed for free on, and major event information may also be found here or on devoted websites, such as the website.  Additionally, separate pages providing event information may be found on Facebook.  Events may also be promoted on  Additional promotional services are available to Member Participants and include graphics and listing on’s RSS feed as explained above.

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