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About BAR-3 Enterprises

Company Bio - by Bryan Reese, owner of BAR-3 Enterprises

When I moved into the Town of Occoquan in April 2006, I was asked if I was interested in volunteering to assist with the Occoquan Craft Show, which is held every June and September.  I was asked if I would help collect money at the bus stops.

In September of 2006, I offered to set up a database or website to help support the Craft Show.  The offer was gladly accepted and the Official Craft Show website went online in March 2007 with the help and coordination between Greg Gilker, who was the Director of the Occoquan Craft Show at that time; Leo Smith, then a town council member and the liaison between the Town Counsel and the Craft Show; and myself as webmaster of the new Craft Show Website.

While the Craft Show Website successfully provided needed information about the show, Occoquan is a small town with around a 100 or so small merchants, many of whom did not have their own websites and merchant organizations which at the time did not have a web presence.  So, in July of 2007, BAR-3 Enterprises was established to help provide that web presence to the merchants of Historic Occoquan.

The landmark site, came online in November, 2007 and was the first website to list all the town businesses, merchants, crafters, service organizations, and Town Hall events.  Since then, has added new features such as providing monthly listings of town events, pictures of those events, and widgets and RSS feeds to help provide information on all the town events. also provides some history of the Town of Occoquan and will continue to provide information on Occoquan and expand in technological offerings and town history.

In addition to maintaining and supporting the Official and, BAR-3 Enterprises provides website services to merchants and businesses in the town.  So far over, a dozen websites have been developed in this endeavor.

BAR-3 Enterprises provides Excellence & Economy Exclusively for Occoquan with the following objectives:


The mission of BAR-3 Enterprises is to promote and support Occoquan, the shops and merchants in the Town, and the local Town Government.


To provide best in class website presence for the Historic Occoquan community.


Through economic websites, BAR-3 Enterprises provides value to both Occoquan visitors and to the local community by establishing and maintaining as the one central hub that provides the latest Occoquan information and links to local business, merchant and shop websites and Town activities and events.